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The screening form can be filled out online then printed, or printed off to fill out by hand. Please bring this form with you to your appointment.

We are located at:

613 Towne Park West Drive
Suite 104
Rincon, GA
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Effingham Health System is pleased to provide physicians and patients with high quality Open MRI Services in a pleasant outpatient setting. The open design is ideally suited for all patients, but is especially beneficial to children who need parental support, larger adults who may not fit comfortably in a closed MRI, and anxious or claustrophobic patients.

Unlike a conventional "closed" MRI scanner, an open MRI scanner does not place the patient in a tube or tunnel. Rather, the patient is placed in a much less confining imaging space. A receiver coil is placed around the body part that is to be scanned and then just that portion of the body is centered in the machine. Patients feel more secure, less anxious and experience fewer feelings of claustrophobia and restraint than with a "closed" MRI unit. Effingham Open MRI employs the GE Signa Openspeed MRI System. This state of the art system provides patient comfort, while delivering consistently high-quality images needed for comprehensive diagnosis.