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Support Groups are a valuable resource for you, your family and friends as you face health issues, life challenges or a need to meet people just like you. Some of the benefits of participating in support groups may include:

  • Feeling less lonely, isolated or judged
  • Gaining a sense of empowerment and control
  • Improved coping skills and adjustment
  • An opportunity to talk openly and honestly about your feelings
  • Reduction in distress, depression or anxiety
  • A clearer understanding of what to expect with your situation
  • Learning about new medical research
  • Getting practical advice or information about treatment options
  • Comparing notes about resources, such as doctors and alternative options

Here at Effingham Health System we invite you to get involved and get support with one of our many area support groups. If you have a support group and need a place to meet, please email: rogeram@effinghamhospital.org.

Support Group Connections:

Asburgers Support Group
Leader: Patrick Bower (772-3642)
Off Campus

Better Breathers Club
Leader: Melanie Hubbard (754-0425)
Meets: 4th Wednesday 4:30
Community Room

Building Bridges Support Group
Leader: Kathy Johnson (655-2641)
Meets: 1st Thursday 7:30-8:30 pm
Community Room

Cancer Support Group
Leader: Joyce Ann Tuten (754-6413)
Meets: 4th Wednesday 11:00
Community Room

Diabetes Program
Leader: Dawn Cheney (754-6413)

Parkinsons Group
Leader: Laura Sanders
Meets: 3rd Tuesday 4:00
Community Room