Rehabilitation Services

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

The Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Program at Effingham Health System offers comprehensive, medically sound and highly effective care for athletes of all ages, participating in all sports and activities, and at all levels of play and performance. It is the only Sports Medicine Program in Effingham County offering a full spectrum of care to support athletes, coaches and their sports programs.

Our goal is to help athletes reach their fullest potential, which is why our program approach is multidisciplinary, uniting athletic training, physical therapy, general medicine, nutrition, fitness and physiology of exercise.

We also offer state-of-the-art medical imaging such as CT and Open MRI which has become a vital diagnostic tool to help physicians understand what is going on beyond the surface.

Our team of Certified Athletic Trainers provides important injury prevention services by advising each athlete on the proper use of equipment and applying protective or injury preventive devices such as tape, bandages, and braces. We are often the first healthcare providers on the scene in the event injury occurs and working under the supervision of our licensed physicians, in cooperation with Effingham Health System.

Athletic Training & Therapy Services Include:

  • Providing Athletic Trainers to both area high schools for Sports Medicine Coverage
  • Assessing deficits and strengths
  • Evaluating Rehab deficits
  • Assessing range of motion
  • Evaluating Endurance and Pain
  • Providing pre-participation physicals
  • Advising on proper equipment use
  • Applying protective or injury preventive devices

Healthy Sports Planning

  • Encouraging prevention of illness and injury through education and training
  • Encouraging life-long fitness & wellness
  • Providing nutritional planning
  • Developing customized exercise programs

Effingham Sports Medicine Physician Support

Our Sports Medicine Team includes specialty physicians and surgeons, Certified Athletic Trainers, physical therapists, coaches, other personnel, and of course, the athlete. Effingham Health System is proud to work with a wide-variety of referring physicians.

We are located at:

110 Goshen Road
Rincon, Georgia 31326
To Schedule an Appointment Call 912-826-1500